Creating Direct Linkage Between Farmers And Buyers

What Makes Us Special

Akuafo Market is run by Young Farmers League, we create linkage between farmers and buyers, group selling and update on recent agribusiness-trends in Ghana.

About Us

Akuafo Market is an online agribusiness platform designed to create linkages between farmers, consumers, and suppliers. We seek to connect farmers with buyers directly by reducing the activities of middlemen. We offer the opportunity for small holder farmers to team up to bring their farm produce to a designated drop off location where buyers can buy in large quantities.

Young Farmers League created the Akuafo Market to provide the following solutions to challenges confronting small holder farmers in Ghana.

  • Create ready market for products from small holder farmers in Ghana
  • Reduce the activities of middlemen by connecting buyers directly to the farmers
  • Encouraging small holder farmers in Ghana to team up and supply huge quantities of produce to buyers or consumers.